Spam E-Mail

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The Spam E-Mail is back on the legacy Roadrunner accounts.

They are now spoofing my E-Mail addresses for their Spam, so if I try to block the sender, it does not work because it thinks it is coming from my own E-Mail address. This has happened before. It seemingly stopped. Now it's happening again

I'm pretty sure multiple actors have a full list of every E-Mail address on those servers and the names associated with them. I have seen spam E-Mails where the sender is from my legal name (Which I do not use with a particular E-Mail address)

Where would they have been able to find my legal name if they didn't have access to something internally? I never used my legal name for anything with this particular E-Mail address. Something must have been breached. Probably years ago.

Spectrum seriously might want to look into this.


  • ellentk1
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    Has been going on for at least two months. Spectrum engineers, please fix this!