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My local office only has the EN2251 modem that uses the Puma 7 chipset. I want nothing to do with that modem. Can someone reach out to me and send a ET2251 modem?


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    Hello @Newsboys

    Welcome to our community! When mailing out modems, the warehouse would mail out what they have on hand and we are not able to request specific models. Inventory levels do change as the stores are restocked, but checking with your local store is the only way to request a specific model, though it does depend on their current inventory.

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    It appears to be a sort of buffer bloat issue, more or less.

    In the short term, may be able to somewhat stabilize the latency with tactics that would limit throughput. Some examples that may be available to try (note these things WILL impact throughput and likely result in base latency increasing a bit... the focus is more about reducing jitter and idle states, reducing the extreme spiking you may be experiencing):

    Check the router's more advanced settings for hardware acceleration options. May be tied to a section about the LAN or Switch functions. Cut Through Forwarding (CTF), NAT Acceleration...wording can vary.

    QoS settings - set the limit to your actual bandwidth tier as things are typically slightly over provisioned. May work even better if you go slightly under (like 960-980 on a gigabit tier).

    Shunt the system(s) or network through a switch. This can get tricky, as most off the shelf units would likely be either 10/100 or full gigabit and unmanaged designs. May only be practical to try if you already have access to one.

    Use a VPN. Can usually at least try different encryption protocols (wireguard, IKEv2, OVPN's UDP or TCP). Some may allow you to tweak MTU and even toggle compression as well. So may take a good bit of tinkering before you find something that has an acceptable impact.

    ***should note some network chipsets/drivers have issues with newer IKEv2 protocols that can cause blue screen crashes. If a driver update can't resolve it, will have to use something else. The OpenVPN (UDP or TCP) are stronger options if security is important.

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