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I have found the info from Spectrum's website and customer service reps to be quite confusing in terms of the cloud DVR storage limits. Some have said "unlimited". Some have said up to 100 different tv shows with unlimited episodes for each. It is really 100 total shows across everything. This means if you have a household recording 20 different shows, you'll run out of space after 5 episodes on each. youtube tv is unlimited cloud DVR - will definitely consider that instead in the near future. The spectrum DVR box held a lot more than 100 episodes. Very disappointing. Spectrum needs to increase the 100 episode limit.


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    Hello -

    Welcome to our community! I apologize for the confusion. We have two different options with our Cloud DVR service. With the standard Cloud DVR, you can record up to 50 shows simultaneously and those recordings are saved for 90 days. With our Cloud DVR plus, you can record up to 100 shows simultaneously and the recordings are saved for 1 year. There is not a cap on the total number of recordings, only on the simultaneous recordings.

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