Poor Upload Performance - when is the High Split coming?

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In recent 10-14 days, the Upload on my 1gig plan has nose-dived. It has been good for 6+ years at delivering gig down and 35-40mbps upload. It has dropped to 15-25mbps. Very much appears the upload is being throttled at the switch or server center. Download is unaffected.

All the troubleshooting has been done, reset the connection to the property, power cycling, etc.

Cable modem is a docsis 3.1 multigig running current firmware, nothing changed there.

Issue is consistent regardless of being Wifi or Ethernet, including connecting directly ethernet to the cable modem.

Getting 40mbps Upload on a 1gig plan in 2024 is bad… getting 15-25 is Terrible! When will the High Split occur in 91361 so we can get some decent synchronous internet?

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    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community!

    I do apologize for the issues you are having with the service. You can go here to see if there is anything else you can try to see if that helps.