Slow down on 8742s

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I have a legacy TWC whole house set up with two Cisco 8742 two-tuner DVRs and two 4742 non recording boxes. Recently the two 8742s have slowed when changing channels. Significantly. I know that switching to current equipment will eliminate the whole house set up, and I believe my packages and lineups. Do I stand a hope of getting replacement 8742s or something similar in Mid Hudson NY region, or is there a box I should request that would be closest to this current set up?



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    Good evening @MaestroTC and Welcome to our Community Forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us about our boxes being slow to respond. I am sorry this is happening. I am not sure what troubleshooting you have already completed. Have you attempted to reset the boxes yet? This can be done by unplugging the box from the power and the cable line for 3-5 minutes. Let me know if this helps. -Lyn

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    Hi, Lyn,

    I actually physically swapped both DVR boxes, without immediate satisfaction. That said, both boxes returned to normal behavior after an over night.

    However, my questions remain as fast as replacement. Should these boxes slow again, what current options are most similar to the legacy TWC whole house setup?


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    Welcome @MaestroTC!

    Those boxes are getting old. I would hold onto them for as long as you can. Another slowdown, and I would suggest a tech visit for a signal and drop line test. Box swaps won't solve signal issues. But if these boxes stay fast, you're good! Signals and line checks should always be done before equipment swaps for these reasons. A lot of times, the problem is in the line drop or aging inside/outside wiring causing the slowdowns. The techs when they are at your home can check this.

    Since you have Whole House DVR Service, you won't be able to get Spectrum's new World Box/guide without a change to a Spectrum CATV package plan. Spectrum has the older boxes as back-up stock for those who are still on the grandfathered TWC/BHN plans.

    The new World Boxes have 4-tuners and 1TB of storage and the new Spectrum Guide. But you would need to upgrade your lineup to a Spectrum billing plan in order to get the new guide. If you change to a Spectrum CATV plan, you will have to give up Whole House DVR, as WHDVR is a legacy service.

    I would stick with traditional boxes/regular DVR's Please don't get an XUMO streaming box or Cloud DVR service, way too buggy!

    What is your legacy package now from TWC? I can help you convert it over to the closest Spectrum plan if you want to switch your CATV plan. But again, you would have to give up WHDVR.


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    Often, when issues don't lie with the equipment itself, it can be a result of a signal issue or fault that would require a technician to investigate further. Outside your current legacy whole house DVR setup, the only other similar option would be the cloud DVR service, which makes your recordings available to any device logged into the account on the Spectrum TV app or website. Cloud DVR recordings would not be available on any traditional receiver however, so would require a compatible streaming device instead. You can view compatible devices here. If you'd prefer to get something from us, we offer the Xumo and Apple TV devices for purchase, and we also have a monthly lease option for the Xumo.