Is the router responsible for creating policies that allows networking drives?

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I would like to be able to map a drive on one computer so that it can be seen by another computer. Is this done by configuring the router?


  • James_M
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    Hi & welcome!

    Generally speaking, the Spectrum provided routers are limited and designed to only dynamically (DHCP) hand out IP addresses to connected devices for wired or wireless internet access. While you can definitely use your own devices to set up an internal or home network where computers connect to one another, that would be beyond the scope of our support.

    One suggestion that might achieve your goal would be to use a cloud based drive, like the ones available through Google Drive or Microsoft 365. This allows specific files to be in one shared file that can be accessed by anyone who has permission to view the file, and you can also customize the permissions if you want others to be able to edit or modify files. This is also a good option if you also work remotely or may have temporary users, since you won't need to physically be on the same network.

    If this doesn't sound like the solution you are seeking, please add some additional information, including the equipment / devices you are you using and some specifics that you are trying to accomplish, and we can tag our veteran members to see if they have additional suggestions.