Reset password again!


This is totally frustrating! I’m watching the game on my phone and I get hit with this unusual activity on my phone. I try to login with no success! Now, I have to reset my password. AGAIN!’ You go to the website to reset it but you can’t! It doesn’t allow you. It just keeps logging you off! Forget the game now!! Now, I have to talk to a rep so she can manually change my password. But I have to go thru a bunch of questions to identify myself. Long drawn out process which has happened too many times!!!


  • William_M
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    Hi @Ant4short, welcome to our community!

    I definitely understand why having to repeatedly reset your password would be frustrating. That's usually caused by new connections in locations other than your home or a VPN making it look like that. If you can't change your password when that happens I recommend making sure you are using a device on your home network and clearing your cookies/cache.

  • James_M
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    Some additional information that may be helpful -

    The Spectrum TV app is limited to two simultaneous streams for each unique set of credentials while outside of the home network (on home network is unlimited). If you have more than two, you may be prompted to change the password. This is a security feature and can not be changed or overridden.

    One alternative is to create additional profiles for each user outside the home network by logging into your Spectrum account, selecting "More" -> Settings ->People and adding additional profiles for any location out the home by creating unique username and password credentials for each profile. This will prevent the additional log ins from being flagged, and should reduce the frequency that you are prompted to change the password.

    Let us know if this works for you or if you have any other questions.