Can I use a home answering machine with Spectrum voicemail?

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My home answering machine just stopped picking up today and callers received a message stating my voicemail has not been set up. I never set up my voicemail and have not changed any settings. My understanding has always been as long as the number of rings on my answering machine are less than the phone voicemail, it will pick up first. I was told by a Spectrum agent in a chat today that I cannot use an answering machine if voicemail is turned on. She also told me customers can no longer adjust the number of rings voicemail is set on. My only choice was to have her turn off my voicemail, but this doesn't seem accurate.

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    Good evening @GMarino and Welcome to our Community Forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us about our home phone service voice mail. Our voice mail option will pick up after 5 rings and that can not be adjusted. If you are wanting to use your own personal voice mail device it is recommended to deactivate ours. If you need to change this at any time it can be reactivated immediately. Generally this would only take up to 15 minutes to be done. Please let us know if you have any other questions. - Lyn