Why is my upload speed so slow on my Xbox one?

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    Please try the following troubleshooting steps found here to see if that helps.



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    IDK if XBOne has an option to manually set the MTU in your network settings, but its something we have had to tweak before in the Playstation community.

    If you are unfamiliar with the value, it notes how big your data packets can be. Some networks will have extra information needed in the packet header that restricts how much user data can go in each packet (standard packet cannot exceed 1500 total). Happens for various reasons (VPN encapsulation, security, anti DDOS measures, etc.).

    Usually, auto discovery is in play and there is no need to mess with it... so there's not always a direct way to edit this. But if for some reason it fails to set it properly, we may need to forcibly reduce it on our end to make sure packets go through without a router having to split each one into smaller packets.

    You want the largest size you can use (up to 1500), but sometimes it just is not possible. 1460 is usually safe in most cases, but people have had to set it smaller depending on the situation. The smaller the packet, the more transfers it takes to move the same amount of data, which consumes more bandwidth in the long run.