certain incoming email blocked; AUP# In-1180

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This problem started recently. I have not made changes to any of the involved accounts.

Specifically, emails from two senders - both 'financial' services - are being reported by the senders as "undeliverable" Both senders are legit, and I expect they know how to structure an email.

The particulars are slightly different:

  1. From Internal Revenue Service DoNotReply@account.irs.gov This is sent to my gmail account, which automatically forwards it to TWC.com. In this case, gmail ("view original") provides some additional info
" Message ID  <1063102818.24530241713447819678.JavaMail.fdinet@treasury-mta-vip.fdcctx.com>
  Created at: Thu, Apr 18, 2024 at 9:43 AM (Delivered after 44 seconds)
  From:       Internal Revenue Service <DoNotReply@account.irs.gov>
  To:         gbeccles@gmail.com
  Subject:    IRS Account Confirmation of Scheduled Transaction
  SPF:        PASS with IP 
  DKIM:       'FAIL' with domain account.irs.gov 
  DMARC:      'PASS' 

2. From Merrill-Lynch.  This is sent directly to my TWC.com email.  In this case, I 
know it failed only because I got a letter from Merrill.  


  1. This appears to be a new problem.
  2. In one case, the email is forwarded to TWC.com. In the other, it's send directly. So, this is not a gmail forwarding problem.
  3. Gmail - in some context I don't understand - seems to find a DKIM error. Despite this, it accepts and forwards the email.

I would appreciate any thoughts. However, telling the IRS to fix the problem is probably a non-starter.


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