My public IP is showing as medium risk

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why is my public IP address showing up as medium Risk on an IP reputation check?

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    Hi & welcome!

    There are a couple possible reasons. First is that is a false positive, you can check a different reputation checker to see if you get the same result. Second, is that IP addresses are handed out using DHCP, meaning that they come from a pool of available IP addresses. If the IP address was previously used for something that would trigger a warning, then you inherit that warning when you get the new IP address assigned. This is generally only an issue if you are trying run a mail server, or some other similar dedicated service, in which case purchasing a static IP address would resolve any issues. Otherwise, some type of flag or "blacklisting" to a public IP address is relatively normal and does not impact day to day internet access and browsing.

    Is there a particular problem you are trying to solve, or is there an issue you are seeing?