What Channels are NOT Available on Spectrum TV App When Away from Home?

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I am wondering, which channels are NOT available on the Spectrum TV app when I am away from home?

Or alternatively, if I switch my internet provider to somebody else, but keep my Spectrum cable TV subscription, when I am home, what channels can I still see or not see on the Spectrum TV app?

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  • Tyleen_Z
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    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community!

    The channels that are available away from home can vary from area to area. If you were to use your Spectrum TV app while on a cell network or on a wifi connection that is not your home connection and go to the guide the channels that are not available away from home will be grayed out.

    If you were to keep Spectrum TV but not keep the internet there is the option of getting a TV streaming only modem that will be used just to verify you are at home giving you access to the full lineup while at home.