Dreaded single letter column email formatting

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Anyone else having their statement email show up as a single column of letters? Whole thing is like this. Couple months now.


  • HT_Greenfield
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    That's good feedback for Spectrum. It'd be great if you were to add which version of which app that happens with, as well as which version of which OS on which make and model of a device the app is running upon, as well as what, if any, kind of visual accessibility settings you may have enabled.

    When the sender includes a "View in Browser" link, as they do in this case (above and to the right of the Spectrum▶︎ logo,) you know that they are conscious of the fact that there is no perfect catch-all format for every graphics process of every version/build of every app on every device and/or with every visual accessibility user setting. I took a look at the source code of the current such message i received from Spectrum, and, while it's all Greek to me, i do see something in there that may imply that something like that is bound to give if the graphics processing is limited at some level to less than a 720-pixel width. Also, for what it's worth, i'm not experiencing that effect with those emails on any of the email apps and webmail UI's i use on my computer and phone.