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    I had to change my bank account recently. Because someone had hacked into it, and was trying to get money out of my account to another account. In the process of setting up the new account to transfer my funds. They were sending emails to my roadrunner account. Only, I wasn't getting any emails on my iPad. Finally, I changed the email address on my account to gmail. They came straight through after that.

    I got curious as to why the emails were not getting through. I thought about some sort of rule like Outlook. I checked my outlook program on my computer. None of the rules were suspicious. So, I logged into the website email and started looking for something like that. What I found was under settings, Filters & blocked senders. There were some complicated filters there with if {from} contains {e-giftcard} then forward to Why does a filtering system allow forwarding to another email account? One of them specifically had my bank name in the sender to be sent to sentmail.

    So, the information on setting up my new account was put somewhere where they could find it in my sent mail, get the information needed and then delete it form sent mail. No one would be the wiser; Because, I use outlook and my iPad to read my mail. I would get no indication that my email acount was hacked, and set up to filter information to another account.

    I tried to use the chat to discuss the problem. They just said they ran a script to remove all the filters. Which wasn't the truth, they were still there even when I logged out and logged back in. I had already decided to change my password. But, if I hadn't found the filters set up like that, it wouldn't have made a difference. The emails coming in from places like social security, my bank, amazon, etc would be forwared to the account. I don't think they truly understood that a hacked account could be sending information to someone in uganda.

    I tried to get my point accross and asked to talk with a tech that understood the email server, or the webmail process. they just ended the chat to shut me up. It forced me to look up something like this discussion forum.

    I don't feel very secure using my roadrunner account now. Obviously, someone brighter than the tech people for spectrum has figured out a way to use the mail service to get information. The part of the filter above looks for anything with e-giftcard in it and sends it to another account where they can use the e-giftcard to get the money sent in the gift card.