Is there really a system wide issue with email

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I was just told by a representative through a web Chat that the entire email system is down and myself and every other user is unable to login into their Spectrum email. My account is a This started in the beginning of the week


  • Jaleesa_F
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    Hello @hcarrier

    Welcome to our Community Forums! There was a known issue with our email servers. However, it was declared resolved. Are you using a mail client such as Outlook? Or are you accessing your email via

  • hcarrier
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    I was using mail on my iPhone when the issue initially occurred. The last time I was able to receive email was Tuesday.

    I then attempted to log into web mail and it won't recognize my credentials. When I tried to reset my password, I used every MAC address on the modem router, it said it didn't recognize them. I even tried the MAC address on my spectrum supplied router.

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    Hi @hcarrier. It looks like your email was on a previously disconnected account but you've already spoken with someone to resolve that. Are you still having trouble logging in now?

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    Still unable to send email from my Mailbird account on my Desktop. I have had the problem for over a month. I know that Mailbird is a "third party" service, but it worked fine before. PLEASE let me know when I can use my account again for sending emails.

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