Device out of range still connected & Unknown device connected to my router

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  1. In my spectrum app, there is a device still showing that it's connected to my router when I know the device is obviously not in range. There is no option to delete it because it is connected so I just paused it for now. This has happened with an android phone and an apple iPhone (both of which I recognize.) How do I delete the device when it won't disconnect from the network? Is my only option to keep it paused?
  2. There was also an unknown device, (circle w/3 dots in it) with no mac address, which I paused at first then deleted it until I figure out what it is. I have 3 wifi cameras on my network (that have the circle with 3 dots icon) but the deleted 4th device was unrecognizable. Could it be another camera someone else has installed and connected to my router?

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    Hello @bwall420

    Welcome to our Community Forums, my apologies for any confusion. I am happy to assist. At this time, customers can no longer manage their router via the app. However, I can assure you that a device that is not within range cannot connect to your network. Have you tried rebooting your equipment then checking the app to see if "connected devices" change?