Reminders on newer set top boxes

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I was having an issue with my old Cisco branded HD box and was directed to swap it at my nearby Spectrum store. I followed that advice and was provided with a Spectrum 110H unit in exchange. I was dismayed to learn that reminders are no longer available via the guide or other mechanism. I used this feature quite a bit to set timers to change the channel so I didn't have to keep reaching for the remote. I've noticed others making the same observation here, and like them, I am imploring Spectrum to bring this feature back. I don't want DVR functionality; I have that with a second cable box in another room. It would seem this is an odd feature to stop supporting, given its potential usefulness as an accessibility aid for those that might need it. (It would be nice to have this capability built into the Spectrum TV app, too.)

I was also wondering if any fellow customers might have come up with some other means to handle this. For example, is there a smart speaker or other such device that could be programmed to control this function? I have in mind a process whereby I can schedule channel changes in advance with a third-party device that would then be communicated to the cable box when needed.



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    I second the motion❗️ It'd be awesome if Spectrum could and would enable reminders on their Spectrum 110 non-DVR and Spectrum 210 DVR set-top boxesboxes‼️