Where can I return equipment in the St. Louis area?

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Where can I return Spectrum equipment in the St. Louis area?

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    Hi & welcome!

    The easiest way to return equipment is to visit a local UPS store. We have partnered with UPS for fast and easy returns. Just bring in the equipment and they will package it for you and mail it at no cost to you. There is no need to bring remotes, cables or power cords.

    Be sure to keep the receipt and it is a good idea to note the serial number or MAC address on the equipment, in case there is ever a future issue. My personal preference is to take a picture with your phone (along with the receipt, since they fade over time) and save it in a folder or email it to yourself for future reference, if needed.

    I've included a link to How to Return Your Spectrum Equipment, which also has the UPS Store Locator tool 

    Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions.