Nvidia Shield Pro or Google TV availability!!

kjoconnor Posts: 1 Newcomer

I just don't understand why the Spectrum TV App is not available for my Nvidia Shield or Google TV devices - this really limits me to using either an Apple TV or Roku and I prefer the Nvidia Shield Pro or Google TV for all other apps, so now I have to have 2 different devices, which is just a hassle. Casting Spectrum TV from my Mac or iPhone to my Nvidia Shield or Google TV is really inconvenient and the sound gets out of synch very quickly. This is 2024 and the Google TV/Android TV eco system has grown dramatically and Spectrum should support the app for those devices! Please deliver the Spectrum TV app for those devices!!!


  • rwprince
    rwprince Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I agree. I bought the device, assuming the Spectrum TV app worked on it and was hugely disappointed to find it wasn't supported. I had to take it back and get a Roku instead. Don't understand why Spectrum can't make this happen.

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