MMS/group chats either not sending or taking forever to send

Absolut340 Posts: 1 Newcomer

Had ATT for 15+ years. Literally never had this issue. Not once. Just switched to Spectrum two weeks ago. Same android galaxy phone, didn't change it. Now each time I send a group conversation, that message keeps popping up that "group conversations will be sent as multimedia messages."

Except the messages either don't go through or they take a ridiculously long time (5-15 min).

(I have no clue whether ATT sent group chats as MMS since there wasn't that annoying pop up each time. But either way, group chats always went through without an issue)

I tried turning off group messages as MMS, but then it says when turning off group conversation as mms, "Group comversations off. Only text messages can be sent to multiple recipients, and any replies will be one on one with you." Which I don't want either.

I mentioned this to a couple of people with Spectrum, and they also have this issue pretty constantly in group chats. So this is clearly a Spectrum thing.

I called Spectrum and they said in order for them to create a ticket that escalates this as a possible Spectrum issue, not a me issue, I would have to repeatedly call back and to go attempt each next step in their troubleshooting tiers (first reset network, replace sim card, etc etc). I'm not wasting hoirs with support when it's clear this isn't a phone issue.

It's actually affecting my job since I can't send texts to the group.

I've done network reset as well as restore the default APN (suggested in other posts). If I can't fix it, I'll switch back to ATT because like I said, it's affecting my job. Besides just being annoying with friend group chats.

As a side note, I've noticed RCS randomly turned itself off today (on since I first installed the Spectrum sim card) and I can't figure out why. No settings were changed and my phone itself, s10+, doesn't seem to have that in its settings. So would like help with that, too, though not as important as the other.