Where can I find an email address to Spectrum customer service

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I want to let you know that I was uninformed about the billing date on autopay which In turn has left me a $30.00 insufficient funds fee at my bank. Thanks Spectrum. It sure would have been nice to know rhat you would be taking my payment before taking it from a different date then when I set up my auto pay. So saving $5.00 for setting up autopay cost me the next 5 months anyway. No deal here. But now want to know without having to check my spectrum account. For a date. I am assuming you will again take it on the same date as you just did? And, hopefully it won't be different....... ...I am so frustrated with you and I've been an customer a whole 6 weeks. Yippee! Can't find where to contact you besides here or pay an additional $5.00 on top of what extra you have already cost me. Ludicrous...

Send me a link to your reviews category so I can write this in there will ya? Thanks again!

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    Hi & welcome!

    Sorry to hear that there was any confusion about autopay. For future reference, to review your bill, make billing changes and set up notification preferences, including for auto pay you can:

    We do not provide support via email, but if you have any other questions about your account or services, you can ask them here.