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The rep Stephen was the BEST customer service rep that I've ever encountered. After spending 3 hours fixing a mistake from a rep that I spoke to yesterday who didn't do her homework and changed my account details after assuring nothing would change, then to a rep who said he didn't know this that and the other after calling back a second time, I honestly was about to completely close both of my accounts even after many years of being with Time Warner now Spectrum. Stephen is a customers dream He was professional and assuring from the start. I immediately felt at ease and was able to understand easily all the details that we reviewed. We reviewed every single option for both of my accounts regarding package deals, channel line ups, high speed internet, lan line, cell phone. He made me a believer again that after having horrible customer service everywhere in the world these days, people like Stephen actually do care about customer needs and can make a huge difference in keeping customers. I wish he could be my permanent rep. The best anyone could ask for. I truly hope his supervisor will acknowledge his hard work and dedication and the way that he represents the company in the utmost professional way. Thank you again Stephen. You are so appreciated. Best experience ever! I hope that Spectrum will acknowledge your hard work, dedication and efforts and give you praise and appreciation in every way. You absolutely saved a long time customer tonight from closing two long time accounts. A true model for how customer service makes all the difference. God Bless you! Thank you!!


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    Hi @jh68hellome, welcome to our community!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to come here and provide your feedback. It's so wonderful to see how Stephen was able to turn things around for you. I was able to locate your account with your community registration and identified the agent you were speaking with, and I am happily forwarding your compliments to his management for recognition.