Lose a discount?


I've gotten a few phone calls from different states saying I am going to lose the 30% discount if I didn't call the number. I know that I don't have a 30% discount, because the prices are insane.

Is this some sort of spam?


  • Jaleesa_F
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    Hello @acha

    Welcome to our Community Forums, we are happy to help! What is the number you're receiving calls from? And what is the number that they are asking you to call?

  • jWS9518
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    I have gotten those calls as well. Those are scam calls. The number they are calling from is not Spectrum. Do not answer them and do not give them information.

    If you are unsure. Call the Spectrum number that is on your bill and verify.

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    Here's an example of the current flavor of the current flow of Spectrum robocall scams originating from overseas:


    Each of the countless examples i am finding represents one of the countless NANP-formatted non-fixed VoIP numbers via which the calls are being gatewayed in to the PSTN by domestic non-fixed VoIP gateway providers, the most notorious of which is Onvoy (aka Inteliquent aka Sinch Voice) followed in no particular order of notoriety by Peerless Network, NUSO (aka Brightlink), Bandwidth Inc. (aka Bandwidth.com), Airus, Telnyx (aka Windstream), Twilio International, Flowroute Inc., IP Horizon, and Level 3. Is this a great country or what?

    You can always find out which one these great American non-fixed VoIP gateway cartels is facilitating any these fraudulent robocalls via any of these three legit resources:




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    They are all scam/spam calls,

    Spectrum would never call you to say you are about to lose a promotion or discount. That would always be on your official monthly billing statement a month in advance. We also have Spectrum Voice (Landline Service) and the built in Call Guard, activated by default, blocks all of these types of calls.