Is it True That Techs are Not Provided With Replacement XUMO Equipment?

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A customer said this. I can understand if a customer purchases a streaming XUMO box and remote that Spectrum would bare no responsibility for that. But if you are renting an XUMO, shouldn't a tech have those on his/her truck? A rented XUMO system should be treated like any other rented Spectrum equipment.


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    The tech that came to my house for outage problems discovered I had a blown modem. When I asked about the problems I have with my Xumo boxes shutting down or failing to start without many disconnects he told me he did not have any with him and said he knew nothing about any problems with the Xumo boxes. Told me to call and request replacements if the troubles continue, which they have.

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    Technicians do carry replacements for Spectrum provided/supported equipment, but may not always have every item in stock for a direct replacement.