Have you fixed newer androids ability to send picturs

r0ndevous Posts: 4 Spectator

So since changing to spectrum from Verizon ( same network), all 3 of my families phones have issues sending photos, had zero problems on Verizon. We have a network at our house that can support a large business. I am an IT, and network admin for a large Midwest business.So I have been chasing this issue for 6 months, tried every resolution known to man and then some. Through the process of elimination have determined that Spectrum has issues and not my network or devices. Called support twice, they never listen, and always want to start doing all the things that have been tried. 2nd time the guy actually got 1 pic to send, then after hanging up it never worked again. Problem is intermittent, and does sometime work. I even changed to Google messaging ( rcs), which still has the same intermittent issues. HERE to simply tell you I am going back to Verizon. If your reading this you are not alone. Final thoughts : you get what you pay for. Seems it may be time for Frontier fiber too.