Picture Displays Distorted or Pixelated Images

TheNewAlchemist Posts: 4 Spectator

I am seeing distorted, blurred, or pixelated screens on my digital TV. I have tried resetting and rebooting my Spectrum DVR, unplugging, and checking all cables and connections. Occurs on almost every channel, but playing DVDs through external DVD player is OK. Internet service is not affected.

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  • Mo_S
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    Good afternoon @TheNewAlchemist,

    I'm sorry you're having issues with the picture quality on your receiver. It sounds like you've already done any relevant troubleshooting on your end and I'm not showing an issue for the area or with signal levels to your receiver. The next step would be to get a technician scheduled to investigate the issue further. The fastest way to get that set up is to give us a call at 855-707-7328, use our live chat, or if needed, we can set one up for you as well for the first available timeframe, which you can modify through the My Spectrum App once scheduled. Just let us know if you need us to get that set up.