Xumo Spectrum TV app



I have both a Xumo and Roku stream box. The app on the Roku is zippy and responds pretty fast to navigation.

The app on the Xumo is laggy and slow compared to the Roku.

Wondering if any effort to improve that is in the works.




  • William_M
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    Hey there @MRoberts!

    Are you having these issues with the Xumo only using the Spectrum TV app, or with other apps as well? Have you done any troubleshooting with it such as resetting it or reinstalling affected apps?

  • MRoberts
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    edited June 8

    Just the spectrum app. It is usable but sluggish compared to Roku. It seems it gets slow while in DVR functions and then after exiting the DVR functions it is slow to respond navigating the menu and guide etc…