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My question is: per the limited information I have in my file, our promotional rate for landline phone ends on 9/17/24 and our promotional rate for internet ($24.99) is good until 8/17/25. We currently pay $41.98 per month for the bundle.

(a) Assuming we keep the landline after 9/17/24, what would be the monthly cost for the bundle?

(b) If we dropped the landline on 9/17/24, does the cost of Internet alone ($24.99/mo) remain the same?

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    Hi @Scott

    This Community is a public space, so I edited your post to remove private information. For more information about posting, please see the Community Guidelines.

    If there is a discount added to your internet for having digital phone, then it is likely that the price for internet will change if you remove digital phone. For pricing details, you will need to call in.

    Unfortunately, Spectrum Community Moderators are unable to assist with adding or removing services - to add, remove, transfer or cancel service, please call us at 1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328)

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