Phone call scams or not?


I keep getting a phone call from a 209 area code saying they are spectrum and gonna raise my bill if I do not answer? It will go up 40% is this you guys or scam?


  • Satch
    Satch Posts: 5,361 Contributor


    It's Spam. Spectrum will not call you to try to solicit anything from you. If you have Spectrum Voice, (Landline Phone) from Spectrum, it blocks all those types of calls with a feature called Call Guard. We love it very much! Spectrum Voice is recommended highly!


  • HT_Greenfield
    HT_Greenfield Posts: 767 Contributor

    Scam. Just one example of the current flavor of the impostorous "Spectrum" robocall scams originating from overseas via NANP-formatted non-fixed VoIP phone numbers: