Kudos to Carlos in New Port Richey, fl

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After a change of modem at the Tarpon Springs FL location which was not activated at the store (and should have been) and then a router brought back the the same store with the answer that they did not have the correct router in stock, we went to the New Port Richey store hoping for a different result.

We made an appointment and got there a bit early, signed in and got called right away. Carlos did his job, asked for my ID which did not happen at the other store, (and I was there twice) and advised I had the option of a free phone, again the first I’ve heard of this.

When I asked about the compatibility of the router to our modem, he looked confused and after he asked why I asked. I noted that the other store said they didn’t have the older version, again he looked confused and assured me this router would work, and it did! Thank you Carlos for knowing your products and correctly advising me. He also gave me a phone number in case I had any issues, thankfully I did not.

Third time was a charm! Thank you, that will be our store moving forward.


  • James_M
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    Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you had a positive experience at the Port Richey store. We will be happy to forward your feedback to Carlos and his manager.

    Let us know anytime you have a question about your services!