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how do I add pay per view on my spectrum account?


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    Hello @973_

    Welcome to our Community Forums! I am happy to help with your Pay Per View inquiry.

    Ordering Pay-Per-View varies by guide. See below for more details. Program availability depends on your location.

    Note: If you're a CableCARD or TiVo Premiere customer, please contact us to place a PPV order.

    Spectrum Guide

    To order Pay-Per-View using the Spectrum Guide remote:

    1. Press the Menu button.
    2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Guide. Press the OK/Select button.
    3. Use the arrow buttons to select the channel/program/event, or enter the channel numbers (PPV channels are 952-2101). Press the OK/Select button.
    4. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the Buy button. Press the OK/Select button.
    5. On the Confirm Purchase screen, use the arrow buttons to highlight an option:
      • Confirm: to approve the purchase.
      • Cancel: to cancel the purchase.
    6.  Press the OK/Select button.
    7. On the Purchase Confirmed screen, use the arrow buttons to highlight an option:
      •  OK: You’ll return to the Guide Go to Channel—to go to the channel on which the program or event is scheduled to play.
    8. Press the OK/Select button.


    To order Pay-Per-View:

    1. Press Menu twice to get to the Main Menu.
    2. Scroll to Pay-Per-View, then go to your category.
    3. Highlight and select a desired program.
    4. Select Buy to place an order and confirm the purchase.
    5. Enter Purchase PIN when prompted.
    6. Select Exit to return to live programming.

    To cancel a Pay-Per-View order:

    1. Press Menu twice to get to the Main Menu.
    2. Choose Pay-Per-View and Pay-Per-View By Title.
    3. Select the title to cancel, then select Buy.
    4. A message will appear indicating the program has been ordered.
    5. Select Don't Order. A canceled order confirmation message will appear.
    6. Select Exit to return to live programming.

    Passport Guide

    The instructions below applies to Passport versions 3.1, 5.1, 6.0 and 6.1.

    To order Pay-Per-View:

    1. Press the Info button twice to display the Quick Info menu. Use the directional arrow buttons to highlight a PPV program that you want to purchase.
    2. Press the OK/Select button.
    3. You’ll be asked: “Is the program currently showing and available for purchase or airing in the future?”
      • If your program is currently showing, press the B button and proceed to the next step.
      • If it’s airing in the future, go on to the next step.
    4. Press the directional arrow buttons to highlight an option, and then press OK/Select to choose one:
      • Buy and Record this Show
      • Buy this Show
      • View this channel now (only available for currently-airing program)
    5. If prompted, press the number buttons to enter the four-digit Purchase PIN and/or Parental Control PIN.
    6. Press the button to return to the Program Guide.
    7. Press the Exit button to return to live programming.