Extended outage for a week now

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Hello it has been a week straight of not being able to use my internet. There is an outage message and everytime 2 mins before it gets to the time it extends it by another 2 hours. Its been a week! Can't do a single thing remotely that involves using my internet. Can not talk to an agent because the automated message says your in an outage please contact us when its over. Well I can't because it is never over. I could see a day or 2 but a full week is a bit ridiculous. If I was left with an explanation or anything to as why its been down so long would be awesome.

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    Hello @Aribeth

    Welcome to our Community Forums! Sorry to hear that our service isn't working for you. I’ve checked the account further here for you and see there is currently a service interruption in the area. We were not provided an estimated time of resolution. However, our engineers are working on resolving that as fast as they can for you. We do appreciate your patience as they continue to work. My apologies for the inconvenience. I can set up the account for a callback to notify you when services have been restored if you'd like.

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