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I had internet installed in my new build house. The technician was nice, I asked if the ports in my upstairs would work after he finished his install he said yes if they are wired correctly. We'll the ports in the house do not work. I called customer service the rep I had talked to said it's my responsibility and my problem, that I have internet working and that's their only job, and that I should hire someone to finish hooking it up... if that's true that's extremely fusterating that I have to pay to install my internet twice with 2 different companies. Charter rep wouldn't give a way to leave feedback or a survey on his performance, telling me to just tell him my problem with him and that he will pass along the message.. poor experience over all. Unlike the first sales rep who sold me on charter in the first place

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    Good afternoon & welcome @2020jagllc,

    Were you referring to ethernet outlets in your home? We would only support an ethernet connection directly to our equipment and would not install or support any house wiring outside the coaxial or fiber optic cable connections to our equipment. You would need a low voltage specialist and/or IT/Networking specialist to address any existing ethernet wiring in the home that isn't functional and create a wired home network. If you're referring to coaxial outlets, only the outlets necessary for service would be activated. As for a survey, we have no manual way of ensuring you'd receive one, but if selected for a survey about the call, one would be generated automatically.