How do I keep my epson wireless printer connected to the Spectrum WiFi router?

Fr3qu3ncy813 Posts: 1 Newcomer

It seems to be a huge issue with no real answer and does not matter on the brand of printer.

Our house comes with Spectrum internet and the new wifi router. The problem is that it only allows the wireless printer to work for about a day before we have to bounce the modem/router and reboot the printer again to get connectivity.

I have also tried manually entering a ip address for the printer and same situation after about 24 hours.

This is beyond frustrating. Everything worked great until we got the newest router from Spectrum.

So how am I able to keep connectivity between my Epson printer and the new Spectrum WIFI router?


  • Lyn_T
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    Good evening @Fr3qu3ncy813 and Welcome to our Community Forums,

    Thank you for reaching out to us about your printer not staying connected to your WiFi. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this must be causing you. We are limited with the support that we can offer because you are part of the bulk services. We are unable to see the equipment on our end. I am not sure what troubleshooting you have already completed but have you attempted to reset the router yet? This can be done by unplugging the cable line, power line, and removing the battery backup if you have one for the router for a solid 3-5 minutes. Also, are you unplugging the printer after each use or do you just turn it off? If you have tried the reset and that did not help out please give us a call at 1-833-697-7328 so that we can review this further for you. -Lyn

  • James_M
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    Adding to the notes above, if you give Community Solutions a call, they can access your bulk account and ask them to enable "Device Steering" - which opens the router for 30 minutes, allowing you to connect the printer and then the printer will remain connected afterward.

    Let us know how it goes!