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My Mother in Law has used a email account for 15 years and just in the last couple weeks lost access to it. She called Spectrum support and got no help.

She does not have a record of being sent a new account.

How can I get her help?

All her family emails, pictures, etc. are in her old email account.


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    Hello @FreeBird614

    I apologize for the issues your mother in law is having getting into her email. If you are an authorized user on the account, you would be able to speak to our support regarding the email issue, but since it is regarding the email, we would need to speak to either the account holder or an authorized user to provide details. If you'd like to speak to our support in real time, they can be reached by calling 855-707-7328, on Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram, or through the chat in the My Spectrum app or our website.

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    Alternately, if you want to direct your mother-in-law to create a profile and reply to this thread, we can send her a private message to verify the account and see if there is anything that can be done to assist. However, if the account that the original email was created under has been closed and she has a new account that does not have the email associated, then the email may have been purged and would be unrecoverable.

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