All e-mails prior to April 2021 purged without notice

chmerritt Posts: 1 Newcomer

Like so many others, I recently realized that all of my old e-mails from my current, in-use roadrunner account were apparently deleted or lost from the server with no notice - I didn't delete them. I use Outlook on my laptop set to IMAP and the Samsung email client set to IMAP on my phone and when trying to find some messages from 2020, I discovered that everything from about April 2021 was gone. The customer service tech had me log in to webmail and it only had e-mails back to May 2021 when I've had this account for 15 years.

Has anyone had luck getting Spectrum to reinstate their old emails?


  • HT_Greenfield
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    All things considered with the bygones of email in general, the first question is whether you'd still been using POP3 with any email client up until April 2021.