This is not a question. This is my feedback. I am a customer for many years.


WeWe live in the year 2024 And still spectrum cable. It's high on price and has to have their own Way. I'm screaming cable with all the hassles instead of i'm not letting the customer Decide. I have a television that is a Google ready And in this age of technology, spectrum has to have their own laws of How they want people to watch their Cable besides. Broadcasting fees which come with it. You just can't simply download the app on any television like Google TV Sling Fubu Instead spectrum gots Hassle ways And these long promotions for 1 year. Then Your bill goes up Customer service it's sometimes 👍 good One thing I can say about spectrum. They have great internet service Thank you spectrum for that. I would try the cable again with Out broadcasting That they keep raising every 6 months Spectrum / As always will always raise their prices on their customers. They have these promotions that they keep asking me about for mobile phone, thinking that I'm stupid. What's something but when the promotion ends, your price goes skyrocket to the roof. It is unreal when you get on the phone with them. That's all they want to talk about his mobile. I cannot stand that spectrum. Should this be a cable company and Internet company they do not have Mobile service out of United States spectrum is known for raising prices. That's why so many people have left them. And we'll continue to leave them. Getting Back to cable streaming surface. I think spectrum app should be on every device. Every spot to be available for a customer, but it is not. These promotions that spectrum puts people in should be better Well, internet should be free for everyone. And cheaper? They almost wanted me to pay $200 for combined service. If I have cable, that is ridiculous, unreal. This is why spectrum should be bought. Buy another company 1 day. I have addressed all my concerns, thank you.