Getting "Feature Unavailable" when logging onto using Firefox

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I have been trying to login to from my home computer using Firefox on Windows 11. I keep getting Feature Unavailable and am not able to do anything (look at my bill, speed test etc). I am now logged on using Chrome (which I hate). Are any other Firefox users having this issue?


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    Good Morning!

    I use Firefox on Windows 11 (laptop) and Windows 10 (desktop)

    No problems here. I would suggest going into Settings and delete all Spectrum cookies. (Firefox gives you the option to delete cookies relating only to individual sites.) Delete all Spectrum cookies in Firefox, close all Windows, and reboot your device.

    1.) Open Firefox

    2.) Go to Settings

    3.) Type cookies in search box

    4.) Scroll down to the cookies section, go to "Manage Data"

    5.) Type Spectrum in the search box

    6.) Delete all Spectrum cookies that show up in the search.

    7.) Answer "Yes" to the Confirmation message

    8.) Close out of everything

    9.) Reboot your device

    10.) Try to log back into your Spectrum account using Firefox You will have a fresh start log in.


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    Thanks. I had previously deleted the cookies but I had not rebooted my computer. Once I did that the problem was resolved.