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I was watching a program and tried to rewind something I missed. It wouldn't. The screen froze and a message popped up saying channel unavailable. I watch it all the time. I was also recording it. Went into recorded one and it wouldn't ff. It will pause when I do it. Tried rv and ff on another recording and it seemed OK. I'm brand new to Spectrum as of this week. This is a first!


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    Welcome to Spectrum!

    Was this through a cable box DVR? The DVR's have a software system called a "memory buffer" Depending on the make and model of your box, and the guide software on it, the memory buffer will hold live data for about 30-60 minutes forward, or 30-60 minutes back. You can also pause live TV, If you don't have the show set to record, and you clear the buffer, you will miss that content. You must have Spectrum DVR service to record content.

    If you change the channel, turn off the power to the TV, the memory buffer will clear and you will not be able to FF or RW For the best results it is recommended to record your show completely. Wait till the recording ends. Than, play back the recording for full RW-FF functionality. Best guess is you did something to clear the channel buffer and could not go back to live TV.

    On Demand is another feature of Spectrum that allows to binge watch and catch up on shows missed. The network stations control On Demand content (not Spectrum). The networks also control whether or not commercials can be fast-forwarded. (not Spectrum.) You can play and pause On Demand for most cases for up to 24 hours. About 75% of Spectrum's content is On Demand. You typically have to wait one to to days before you can watch the On Demand content. Customers must also subscribe to the base channel in their cable package or Ala-carte options to receive that station's On Demand content. On Demand content can not be recorded.