Xumo stopped working

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I have been enjoying my Xumo box for about a year. Yesterday it just stopped working. I have unplugged it. Rebooted my router and it will still not connect.
I have three Rokus and a Samsung smart tv that are all working properly and streaming without any issues‘


  • Satch
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    Good evening,

    Do you get any error messages, or is it just a blank screen?

    Did you buy your XUMO or rent it from Spectrum? If still covered by the warranty if purchased to own you can just swap it out if you have a receipt. If it's a Spectrum rental, call Customer Care and they will try to repair it over the phone, or send out a tech/replacement XUMO. I personally like the rental option better because if anything goes wrong, Spectrum will repair or replace equipment. If you own the XUMO, you have to replace it yourself if something goes wrong. (But if you own, you don't have to pay the monthly fee.) It's a balancing act where preferences can vary for each customer.