I started getting packet loss like 2 months ago and don’t know why?

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Hi I used to have the old spectrum equipment and everything was normal like 2 months ago until one day I started getting 30% packet loss in my games and I couldn’t play because of that. I tried changing out my old spectrum router to a eero 6 and I also bought a 2.5 GB card even tho I pay for the 500 speeds simply because I thought my ethernet port from my pc motherboard was the problem but turns out it wasn’t. At the end of all that I decided to call spectrum and the lady I was on the phone with said I had “Unacceptable signal” and that they would be sending out someone. The spectrum guy came, but I was not home and my mom was the only one there but as soon as the guy was leaving, I ran up his window and asked what was the problem. He said that I had a COX cable and that, that basically slows down my speeds and my signals. But it didn’t really make sense because it wasn’t happening before. I then checked inside my games and it looked like it did help a little but now I’m getting 5-10% packet loss the highest maybe a 20%. So I’m not sure what the issue is, please help!!!!!



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    The spectrum guy connected the single cable directly to the modem and left the splitter or cox cable box by itself saying that we didn’t need it anymore.

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    Not sure if this is what he meant, but old or unused cabling through the home can act as an antenna and cause attenuation and it can be intermittent. Are you having issues only with games or other applications as well? Are you seeing the issue when connected wireless?