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twc tv app for xbox one serious question need info

would using the xbox one twc tv app would the app give out or display the name or other private info on the twc account  would it display it or broadcast it out 


example would be im watchin twc tv app and my friends  that can see whn i log in to xbox would they see something like  name here is watching twctv ?? there by giving away all my PRIVATE  name and info in the account there by allowing bad ppl to steal my twc account or xbox account

Best Answer

  • Melissa_OMelissa_O Posts: 337
    Sep 14, 2016 Accepted Answer

    This information will not be displayed except for the initial log in to the application which will require your TWC ID and password. You can save the information to avoid entering your credentials each time you want to utilize the app. To ensure the network is secure, make sure that your wireless network is password protected. 

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