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Arris / Motorola SB8200 Does it work with Spectrum?

ernie599ernie599 Posts: 31
edited August 21 in Internet 2018 Archive Jan 14, 2018

Hello Everyone


I was wondering if anyone here in Los Angeles happens to have a Arris / Motorola  SB8200  on Spectrum and if so, what speeds are you getting? 


Do you have teh 300/20 speeds? do you have teh 400/20 speeds? 

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  • ernie599ernie599 Posts: 31
    Jan 17, 2018 Accepted Answer

    Hello Everyone, So I just got ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 with much better speeds than the TM1602A modem Spectrum suppiled. I am getting much higher speeds now. 


    408down 23.5 up



    Startup Procedure
    Acquire Downstream Channel705000000 HzLocked
    Connectivity StateOKOperational
    Boot StateOKOperational
    Configuration FileOK 
    DOCSIS Network Access EnabledAllowed 


    Downstream Bonded Channels
    Channel IDLock StatusModulationFrequencyPowerSNR/MERCorrectedUncorrectables
    32LockedQAM256705000000 Hz6.4 dBmV41.1 dB00
    9LockedQAM256567000000 Hz6.4 dBmV41.6 dB00
    10LockedQAM256573000000 Hz6.3 dBmV41.3 dB00
    11LockedQAM256579000000 Hz6.3 dBmV41.4 dB00
    12LockedQAM256585000000 Hz6.2 dBmV41.3 dB00
    13LockedQAM256591000000 Hz6.3 dBmV41.3 dB00
    14LockedQAM256597000000 Hz6.5 dBmV41.1 dB00
    15LockedQAM256603000000 Hz6.5 dBmV41.4 dB00
    16LockedQAM256609000000 Hz6.5 dBmV41.2 dB00
    17LockedQAM256615000000 Hz6.4 dBmV41.4 dB00
    18LockedQAM256621000000 Hz6.3 dBmV41.4 dB00
    19LockedQAM256627000000 Hz6.1 dBmV41.4 dB00
    20LockedQAM256633000000 Hz6.0 dBmV41.4 dB00
    21LockedQAM256639000000 Hz6.0 dBmV41.4 dB00
    22LockedQAM256645000000 Hz5.8 dBmV41.3 dB00
    23LockedQAM256651000000 Hz5.8 dBmV41.4 dB00
    24LockedQAM256657000000 Hz5.5 dBmV41.1 dB00
    25LockedQAM256663000000 Hz5.7 dBmV41.3 dB00
    26LockedQAM256669000000 Hz5.6 dBmV41.2 dB00
    27LockedQAM256675000000 Hz5.9 dBmV41.0 dB00
    28LockedQAM256681000000 Hz5.8 dBmV41.2 dB00
    29LockedQAM256687000000 Hz6.1 dBmV41.3 dB00
    30LockedQAM256693000000 Hz6.1 dBmV41.1 dB00
    31LockedQAM256699000000 Hz6.4 dBmV41.1 dB00


    Upstream Bonded Channels
    ChannelChannel IDLock StatusUS Channel TypeFrequencyWidthPower
    110LockedSC-QAM23300000 Hz6400000 Hz38.9 dBmV
    29LockedSC-QAM18500000 Hz3200000 Hz38.6 dBmV
    311LockedSC-QAM30600000 Hz6400000 Hz39.4 dBmV
    412LockedSC-QAM37000000 Hz6400000 Hz39.4 dBmV



  • DR_Stranger_WhoDR_Stranger_Who Posts: 57
    Jan 14, 2018
    i read the reviews on alot of sites an they say yes it works but if you call in to activate it they will try an get you to use 1 of there crap modems that may end up havin the puma 6 or puma 7 chipse so dont trust them
  • DR_Stranger_WhoDR_Stranger_Who Posts: 57
    Jan 14, 2018
    oh ya the reviews say it does get activated an it works thats the main reason im gettin 1
  • ernie599ernie599 Posts: 31
    Jan 15, 2018

    Im getting mines tomorrow and will install it, if it doesnt work well i will send it back. 

    Current Readings and Results I am using TM1602AP2 




    Downstream 132705.00 MHz6.10 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM770918445720
    Downstream 29567.00 MHz4.80 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM337044330740
    Downstream 310573.00 MHz4.80 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM319800299310
    Downstream 411579.00 MHz4.60 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM323697342400
    Downstream 512585.00 MHz4.80 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM317278186700
    Downstream 613591.00 MHz4.90 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM361135894810
    Downstream 714597.00 MHz5.10 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM310857746820
    Downstream 815603.00 MHz5.30 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM308881248710
    Downstream 916609.00 MHz5.30 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM306693460400
    Downstream 1017615.00 MHz5.40 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM329056808800
    Downstream 1118621.00 MHz5.20 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM341049748300
    Downstream 1219627.00 MHz5.60 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM344042208010
    Downstream 1320633.00 MHz5.40 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM3470308018100
    Downstream 1421639.00 MHz5.80 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM356036455700
    Downstream 1522645.00 MHz5.60 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM347513828200
    Downstream 1623651.00 MHz5.70 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM428905936810
    Downstream 1724657.00 MHz5.60 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM396656617720
    Downstream 1825663.00 MHz6.00 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM383480813310
    Downstream 1926669.00 MHz5.80 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM544494590700
    Downstream 2027675.00 MHz6.00 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM453911863300
    Downstream 2128681.00 MHz5.90 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM419565626110
    Downstream 2229687.00 MHz6.00 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM442702651710
    Downstream 2330693.00 MHz6.10 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM509326226800
    Downstream 2431699.00 MHz6.20 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM524476425600
    Reset FEC Counters


     UCIDFreqPowerChannel TypeSymbol RateModulation
    Upstream 11237.00 MHz39.25 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM
    Upstream 21130.60 MHz39.25 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM
    Upstream 31023.30 MHz38.75 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM
    Upstream 4918.50 MHz39.00 dBmVDOCSIS1.x (TDMA)2560 kSym/s16QAM
  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452 ✭✭✭✭
    Jan 16, 2018

    By all accounts that I've seen, the SB8200 is working just fine on legacy TWC Spectum systems for all tiers other than the gig tier.

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