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TWC APP on Fire TV / Fire Stick



  • mhashmhash Posts: 1
    Jan 27, 2018

    Is Spectrum going to offer it on Firestick?

  • BirdOPrey5BirdOPrey5 Posts: 11
    Jan 28, 2018

    If Spectrum was going to make an official answer they would have done before now. Rumor is Roku paid moeny for exclusive access to the app, which while I have seen no proof, makes sense, fits the facts, so is probably true. Only wish I knew the terms. Is it exclusive for 2 years for exclusive for as long as Roku keeps paying? If it's a short term exclusivity than a Fire TV app might be upcoming.


    As for the iPhone it's completely different. You would need a jailbroken iPhone and a copy of a previously working app which I'm not sure there is. However if you have both things you'd surely know how to get them to work without having to ask here. You wouldn't jailbreak an iPhone for any other reason. 

  • OnemoarOnemoar Posts: 47
    Jan 29, 2018

    the entire roku arugment is completre falicy and bull

    because the spectrum app is avaiable on firetablets and every other single android device.

    for whatever backwards reason the fire-stick is the oddman out 

    all they are doing by having this dickwaving contenst is making people switch to sling 


  • BirdOPrey5BirdOPrey5 Posts: 11
    Jan 30, 2018
    Tablets and phones aren't direct competitors to Roku. Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV are, and there are no working apps for any of them?

    Even the app for a tablet or phone won't work if you use your HDMI out and try to play it on your television.
  • Sixpack919Sixpack919 Posts: 1
    Feb 01, 2018

      I downloaded the app2fire app and now have spectrum on my firestick. However I cannot get the sound to work. I have also paired bluetooth remote to the fire stick but can't get it to go on the mute icon so I can clcik on it.  Help!  Thanks

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