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Recommended Caller ID devices and/or Windows call management software?

scampiscampi Posts: 6
in Digital Phone Jan 03, 2018

In December 2017, Spectrum formally discontinued TWC's VoiceZone Connect app that displayed and managed incoming phone numbers on my PC. (They never really supported it.) For now, let's overlook the disingenuous reasons stated in their letter.  I want my Caller ID!

Can someone recommend a reliable Caller ID device, that not only displays but stores incoming phone numbers and caller ID?  The ID needs to be "real time" -- as the call comes in, before I pick up -- and the device or software needs to be easy-to-read and reliable. Oh, and affordable. (Spectrum has offered no credit for this diminishment of service.)


WIndows 7/10 software that does the same thing would be okay, too. In fact, preferable.


I've found one bit of software, a call manager called CallClerk, which has an obscure publisher but seems to be reputable. It costs $40, but unlike TWC's VoiceZone Connect, it also requires a modem between the phone line and the computer.  Apparently a USB modem that is reliable and compatible with all current versions of Windows (for PC) costs $40-100. 



  • MsRayeMsRaye Posts: 25,606
    Jan 03, 2018

    This sounds like a dial up device that is connected to a phone RJ11 jack on the phone interface side of the emta modem

    Do you have any cable wireline phones with built in caller ID and do they show incoming calls?

     if so, any external caller ID box should work.

    There were forum questions on this several years ago...



  • scampiscampi Posts: 6
    Jan 03, 2018

    Thanks for your prompt reply, but no, I don't have a Caller ID box, and that's the point of asking for specific hardware or software recommendations.  I am happy with my current landline phone, but it doesn't have Caller ID built in.

    My search on "Caller ID" didn't turn up specific device recommendations, and anyway if years ago they might be outdated.

    Apparently you're not familiar with TWC's VoiceZone Connect PC app that did this? My PC is right next to my phone and is always on. The app was a valuable feature of TWC service. (Spectrum never promoted it, and in fact crippled it, and yet said in their letter that they discontinued it because of lack of usage. Duh.)

    If you're curious, you can learn more about it from old TWC press releases and customer support messages, such as this: https://www.timewarnercable.com/en/support/faqs/faqs-phone/voicemail/voicezone-connect/what-is-voicezone-connect.html

  • scampiscampi Posts: 6
    Jan 03, 2018

    Alternatively (or in addition), I've finally discovered (thanks to this forum, no thanks to Spectrum's letter or phone Tech Support) that the Caller ID on my TV maintains a log of past calls, including their number (or, in the case of spam, their supposed number). That's nice. Now all I have to do to manage calls (e.g., report spam to NoMoRobo) is go from my computer to my living room, turn on the TV, and manually write down the number I want -- a far cry from "quick and convenient."


    Is there no way to see this log on my Windows PC? 



  • MsRayeMsRaye Posts: 25,606
    Jan 03, 2018


    The ethernet port on cable boxes is useless

    it's also on a TWC 10.x.x.x lan back to a server at the head end.

    See if someones got an old CID box that was used on your local telco, they're often in the electronics sections at SA and goodwill stores for a dollar, make sure the battery compartment isn't all chewed up.

    If that displays numbers, then find one of the usb or serial dial up modems tht display CID or the item you mentioned. A lot of that was discontinued after Win XP...



  • MsRayeMsRaye Posts: 25,606
    Jan 03, 2018

    Some dial up modem card programs that did fax also did caller ID.


  • FishermanFisherman Posts: 114
    Feb 04, 2018

    I have been using Eric's program since he first produced it, and it works flawlessly. If you use the Hiro H50113 modem as I do (and Eric recommends), be sure to use the driver specified in Eric's post, as the one that Windows loads by default does not work.

    I use this program in conjunction with NomoRobo along with a recent Panasonic phone system that allows masking the first ring. This has opened up a whole world of peace and quiet, as I no longer hear any rings at all, other than from legitimate callers. Eric's program allows you to block calls from the latest scammers than call from spoofed numbers using your local prefix, as is happening to me lately. As an example, my number begins with 714-523-4XXX, so I can simply enter 7145234*** into the blocking list and eliminate these spammers.

  • jodigirl71jodigirl71 Posts: 1
    Mar 06, 2018

    I was using this VZ Enhanced and it worked perfectly, I just had to keep starting it when my computer screen would lock. But then it was acting strange and my antivirus stopped it. I really dont know what happened, but I had to get rid of it. Did you fix it? I can only presume someone altered the code. I just tried to download it again and my antivirus stopped it. I'm kind of leary of it.

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