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i was looking for spectrum tv stream for 19 bux a month its gone now ?????

so just now i was lookin for spectrum tv stream i got a letter a few months ago never did find out how many channels were included  but now its gone i did find something called tv chaice what is that its 21 a month is that the new spectrum tv stream with a new name ??



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  • BozBoz Posts: 369
    Apr 08, 2018 Accepted Answer

    Stream info:
    It seems like a good package for those that don't need sports, and the $15/mo movie channels add-on, which includes multiple movie channels for 4 of the 5 movie channel brands, seems like a great deal.


    The price did change to $21.99/mo, but most reports seem to indicate that the broadcast tv surcharge decreased from $8.95/mo to $3/mo, but idk if this is true in all markets.


  • RAIST5150RAIST5150 Posts: 642 ✭✭✭✭
    Apr 08, 2018

    Contact your local office.  Not uncommon for the site to not show all your options.... may not tell you via the 800 number either.  I've been an internet only customer for over a year and never got notified about it as an option.  Only found out about it from a cord-cutter site.  Went in to the local office to ask about it, and they signed me up on the spot.


    Double check the charges though when done... it will likely be a bit more than expected because of FCC and such.  They also goofed and stuck the wifi fee on mine when I own my own modem and router.  Only took a phone call to fix it, no big deal... just want to catch that kind of stuff up front so you don't overpay a few months by mistake.


    In my market (29501 zip), the core streaming tiers came to $19.95, plus $8.85 for a rebroadcast fee (FCC requires they put key local channels on the wire, and allows them to recoup costs).  Then there was a little over $3 in state/local taxes and franchise/regulatory fees.  Total bill for TV comes to just a touch over $32 for the basic 50 or so channels (including locals), plus the internet fee.


    A few notable channels were missing from the core package that may be included with alternate services, so that may become a make or break thing depending on what you want to watch.  In our market, it was missing mostly news and weather centric channels: ESPN's, Fox News channels, HLN, Weather Channel, BBC America, the dedicated NBC/CBS Sports channels, and Bloomberg (which, can get some of that via free apps).


    They do offer a $12 Sports, News, and more add-on.  It gives you back ESPN/ESPN2, some Fox Sports channels (not FNC and FBC, just sports feeds), NBCSN, Weather Channel, HLN, Bloomberg, BBC World News, maybe a few others depending on region.  Note that you may also have local/state tax on this as well that brings it up closer to $13.


    Wanted to point that all out so you can better compare it to other options... there are a few streaming options that may run about the same in the long run, maybe just a touch more.  So take note of what channels those alternate services offer so you can better evaluate them once you get your hands on your specific local Spectrum list.   You can get more of the "cable channels" from those alternate $35-$50 options.... but they may not have the local broadcasts on board just yet.  That may come into play somewhat for you as well (was a big thing for my mother... the locals I watch come in on a $30 antenna just fine, but she likes some channels that are hard to pull in reliably).


    Keep in mind also that many states are now charging tax on streaming services.... so something like that $40 Hulu deal may actually be more like $44 in the end, and you may only have streaming access to your local Fox affiiate and maybe NBC--but only on-Demand for ABC/CBS with no CW.   So make sure to check those local channel lists for all your options if they are important to you.



    Here is a run down of my basic channel list via Spectrum Stream in 29501 zip:


    Local ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, and PBS/ETV groups... each has a few spin-offs linked to their core channels like Me TV, Comet, dedicated  local weather, etc.

    A&E, AMC, Animal Planet

    Bravo, CNN, several C-SPAN channels, Discovery

    E!, Food Network, FX/FX Movies, FreeForm

    Hallmark/Hallmark Movies, HGTV, History Channel

    Lifetime/Lifetime Movies, NatGeo, Oxygen


    JTV, QVC, HSN, evine

    Telemundo, Bounce, Grit, Stadium


    Think that is all of them... they repeat because of the local/real channel ID's (like 8, 9, 10) and then the digital numbers (1206, 1209, etc.).  So I may have missed a few odd ones.  Not doing the Sports/News add on since Football is over... will evaluate that in the fall, but make note of those if sports are a big thing for you, as it does offer a good bit of content for the $12 add-on.


    As always, don't forget to ask about any Price Lock Guarantee or similar breaks for bundling/loyalty.  Some markets are still able to lock in some sort of local promotional rate.  May only be a $5 or $10 break on the internet for a limited number of months... but every little bit helps!

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