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2 line phone hookup

KingroKingro Posts: 4 ✭✭
in Digital Phone Jun 19, 2018

Sorry if this comes up twice, but I hadn't logged in and I don't think it posted.


Here's my situation; I'm coming off uverse and have switched to Spectrum tv, internet, and voice. 

I have a 2 line base station phone and am paying for two lines.

WIth Uverse, I used one phone cord to connect to the 1/2 port on the back of my phone.

My Spectrum modem (Arris 1602a) has the two line ports labeled 1 and 2 respectively, but no 1/2 port.  As it stands now I have to connect to phone cords from the modem to my phone instead of just the one that I was previously using. The tech tried to put a little adapter on it to combine the 2 out ports on the modem but it didn't work.

As it stands now, I had to move the base station for the phone into the room with the modem so that I could attach a cable to each line, but this is not an optimal solution.

So I have 3 questions;

1. Will I be forced to run another phone cable into the room that I need to have the base station in?

2. Is there some kind of adapter I can use to combine the ports on the modem into a single cable?

3. Should I have received a different modem with a 1/2 port on it?



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  • dstoffadstoffa Posts: 1,013 ✭✭✭✭
    Jun 19, 2018

    Some questions first:


    1.  Your new Spectrum Telephone Modem has two RJ-11 jacks, one for line 1, and one for line 2, correct?  Plugging a standard one-line phone into the line 1 jacks connects the phone to line 1, and the same can be said for line 2.

    2.  Do you have a four conductor cable running from your Spectrum Telephone Modem to your 2-line phone's base station?



  • KingroKingro Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Jun 19, 2018

    Answer to question 1 = Yes.

    Answer to question 2 = I assume so, because I was just running the single cable on my UVerse modem to the line 1/2 port on my phone base station and I was getting both lines just fine. 


    By the way, thanks for the response. 

  • KingroKingro Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Jun 19, 2018

    Beautiful! Thank you so much. I  knew there must be an adapter that would work, but I had no idea what to actually look for.


    Thanks again!

  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,260 ✭✭✭✭
    Jun 19, 2018

    Surprise!  Some of the two-line phones can run both lines through a single 4-wire jack and standard 4-wire telephone cabling.  The same is also true for most eMTA modems that Spectrum provides.  You may only need to plug the phone cable into the LINE 1 port on the modem and Line 1/2 on the telephone instrument.  Try it before you spend time and money on the other solution.


    "So why are there TWO pairs of wires in the cable?" someone said.  Remember way back to the Princess phones of the fifties and sixties with the light-up dial?  The second pair of wires  carried power for the light from a power supply near the wiring entry block.  Nobody uses rotary dials anymore, but the wires have been there all this time and now can be repurposed to bring in your second phone line.  Thus ends your telecom history lesson for today, courtesy of the folks at AT&T and Radio Shack.

  • KingroKingro Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Jun 19, 2018

    Thanks. We did try running the cord to just the L1 port (and also to just the L2 port) . Didn't work on my modem. I could only get one active line that way. I saw on another thread that some Spectrum modems may have designated L1, L2, and L1/2 ports, but mine doesn't.  Frown. LOL!

  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,260 ✭✭✭✭
    Jun 19, 2018

    NP, I just wanted to give you a chance to try it first.   I know that at least one of the eMTA phone+internet modems has ports only marked as L1  and L2, but the port marked L1 actually has both lines wired.  Wish I could remember which modem model that is.

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