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Audio Garbled on DTA Update!

fjp999fjp999 Posts: 4
in TV Equipment Aug 14, 2018

3 weeks ago my DTA (Cisco 271 HD) updated and now the audio becomes garbled about every 10 seconds! I have been on the phone with two techs and two techs have been to the home without any fixes. Before the update to my DTA the audio was perfect. Thus I have had three DTAs - all have gone thru a mandatory update - and all have this garbled audio issue which has been varified by the techies. This is in my bedroom.


The signals have been checked by phone and in home. The cable to the DTA has been checked and the screw cap changed. Cables have been checked thruout the home. The HDMI cables have been checked and replaced and checked.  The standard Set-Top Box was tried on the bedroom tv and the sound is perfect. When I use the Spectrum app, Roku TV or Amazon video the audio is perfect so the tv, HDMI audio is perfect. I have a TCL Rocu TV.


I just got a call from the 2nd technie who took back the 2nd DTA and tried in on the office TVs finding NO audio issues with it! A real mystery. He will be coming back tomorrow with that DTA to test it on the outside wires as everything he & his supervisor has thought of has been tried in my house. The office is outside my area so it could be something having to do with my area or just outside my house.


I am in Sharon, PA 16146 in a single family home



MAC Address:12BF2127DCF1

Serial Number:CTBGKGVWQ

There is a green light on the DTA but Spectrum does not show DTA connection or not... Spectrum 


I am getting TV, Internet and Phone


I belived I have the standard wiring from the street and do not have any splitters that I know of.


The DTA update went thru about three weeks ago - NOT the major update that went thru  with the standard set-top box in the past few days in my area.

Best Answer

  • fjp999fjp999 Posts: 4
    Aug 24, 2018 Accepted Answer

    The supervisor phoned me earlier this week saying that when he tried another DTA on the office TV it ran an update and there was NO audio issue so he tried the DTA from my home and a new update ran on it and after = NO audio issue. I had not paid attention to my bedroom tv with the issue or had noticed a new update and when I went to test out the audio on that DTA there was NO audio issue!


    The supervisor explained that they get no notice of when these updates are coming out or what they are for...


  • wickerberrywickerberry Posts: 23 ✭✭✭
    Aug 15, 2018

    I have 3 of the same Cisco DTA's you have and have been very stable for about 4 years. Over the past two weeks on all three the mute button on the remote has stopped working  which is a small problem though I've never had before, when I restart the power it fixes the problem but comes back within 2 days. I know it it different than your sound issue but something is going on with the DTA's as I mentioned they have been rock solid for years.

  • fjp999fjp999 Posts: 4
    Aug 16, 2018

    Yes, wickerberry, something is going on with the DTA's!


    Yesterday the second techie (T2) returned as promised. T2 had one more thought trying out the DTA on the livingroom tv which also showed the garbed sound!


    T2 then took the DTA which did not show any sound issue at the Spectrum Ohio office and tested it on the street line with a small tv the techies have in the vans. Even though the speakers are very poor in this kind of tv we were still able to hear the garbled audio.


    Thus this is a neighborhood wide issue on this line but is only picked up by the upgraded DTA's!


    T2 was in constant contact with his supervisor who he then emailed all the data. The super will go over all the data with some higher ups and give me a call tomorrow with any findings or actions they can come up with. Spectrum tech is calling it a real mystery at this point.

  • fjp999fjp999 Posts: 4
    Aug 18, 2018

    The supervisor just called and contradicted tech 2 (T2). T2 had said he could NOT hear the garbling on the office TV but the super hooked up my old DTA and could hear what he is calling a "distortion" on the office TV. We talked about what we were both hearing and it is the same thing so garble/distortion especially noticable with voices without a lot of background sounds - News networks. I also mentioned TCM (Turner Classic Movie) and the super stopped me saying Yes, Yes, that was the first channel I was on and it was very noticable on TCM!


    The super said that if he was not trying to "hear" the distortion he would probably not notice it but now that he has heard it it is like an ear worm and so distinct! Early this week this super will get together with his manager and try to get an engineer involved and get back to me with anything they find. I am really happy with how thorough  they are with this issue.


    All the techies that came into my home said the DTA's were very rare but the super said they have a lot of DTAs out there which may be affected and they are taking this seriously.

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