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Manage WiFi

rowland1980rowland1980 Posts: 3
in Digital Phone Sep 05, 2018

When I first signed up for Spectrums internet & wifi I was able to control the on/off of 2.4 and 5G wifi along with it's security through the app. While back ago just that one feature was removed. Was told I needed to the routers web site to control my wifi. This site was not user friendly and wouldn't allow me to gain access even with the help of customer service chat. A few days later, in the MYTWC app, I chatted online with one and told I needed to to Spectrums web site then to my account and what not. I did so and was able to do what I needed. I like to have my Wifi turned off at night. The next night went through the same process and that option wasn't available, removed, next morning it was there. That night was not. Went back to the app to contact us and chatted with a person who who mentioned she had to turn this feature. While one hold I went to split screen and pulled up the web site to where I needed to go and while she told me to hold this feature appeared for me to use. This feature is constantly being removed (mainly at night) and put back( in waking hours, 6 am or so) since then and have chatted with them and have been given different explanations for this reasoning which lead to contradicting themselves. Last night I was chat with a tech support and told me I need to go here that they took it off of there site. I had asked why? Why remove it from the app to the routers site then to your web site while having this option come and go and it's the only option on the site that does this, why? Wasn't answered but said it was removed from the site and he sent a link to go to. I replied "No, I will be cancelling tomorrow because of this" and logged out. Unplugged my modem/router and went to sleep. This morning low and behold this option has once again reappeared on their web site when hours prior was told it was removed for good. Sounds to me like there is a reason for this. I would like know a solid reason from them that doesn't contradict them and leading me to believe there is a lot more to this. If this option goes M.I.A. one more time I am unplugging it, cancelling my services and telling them their equipment will be out by the street wanting for them. Anyone else noticed this happening?


  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452 ✭✭✭✭
    Sep 05, 2018

    I certainly would not leave leased equipment outside by the street for just anyone to pick up. That is just a disaster waiting to happen and you'll be complaining about Spectrum sending you to collections because of unreturned equipment.


    Just out of curiosity, why do want wifi turned off at night? Do you have it password protected using WPA2? Are you worried about hackers? Perhaps a way to manage children's access to the internet?


    What router is this?

  • rowland1980rowland1980 Posts: 3
    Sep 05, 2018

    I believe it to be a Ubee.
    I have a password set and is on. This not my concern. After doing some research to overcome my insomnia problem without being medicated I have found a couple of few causes along with other health factors. Proven facts. Since then my insomnia is no more. I not going to get into details and one label however they wish to. It really strikes me odd when just that one feature is the only one that has been moved from app to the Ubee site( which never got me anywhere) then to Spectrum's web site. Why the need for it. Then to top it this feature is on their web site and then in that same spot it is not. Been told the site is undergoing maintenance which is a completely false statement for if that was the case then access to the site couldn't happen. Had been told to hold while she (customer service lady) while she turns gets it back on. I was watching this process happen over a split screen on my phone, half with her and other the web site. That raises suspicion on something ain't right. Then just last night was they had removed it from their web site to another, again just this one feature nothing else. Then this morning it's up on their web site just after being told it's been removed. Now I have chatted with quite a few more times than mentioned. So even if I never had a insomnia problem that alone is all I need to tell me something ain't right. 
    I don't see how anyone wouldn't find this odd.
    Your right about putting it out by street but I won't go through what I had to in order to return there cable boxes.

  • rowland1980rowland1980 Posts: 3
    Sep 05, 2018
    Sorry my phone likes to take some words out and alter some. How they call them smart is beyond me
  • dstoffadstoffa Posts: 994 ✭✭✭✭
    Sep 05, 2018

    Let me ask a stupid question....


    1.  You want to turn off the wifi at night.  Fine.  Got that.

    2.  You are using the app to do so.  Fine.  Got that, too.


    I am sure you can turn it off with the app, but if you do turn off your wi-fi, how do you connect to your router in order to turn it back on?  Wi-Fi is off, and therefore your smartphone / tablet won't be able to connect to it, and you won't be able to turn it back on?


    Do you use a hard-wired PC to manage your Wifi Router?


    In addition, you can buy your own router, tell Spectrum you no longer want Home WiFi, and save $5 per month on the bill.  Your own router may have better tools for you (but you still won't be able to turn the router's wifi back on from a wireless client after you turn it off, unless you do so some other way (via cell phone data).

  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452 ✭✭✭✭
    Sep 05, 2018

    Are you able to access the modem's user interface at either or ? This is where you should be able to disable the wifi whenever you want.


    edit...good point about wireless access once wifi is disabled. It would need to be wired to access at that point.

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