Feedback: Hitron eMTA modem E31N2V1. Please allow access to cable signals.

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Hello Spectrum,


I’ve been very pleased with Spectrum and the great help I’ve received on this forum. People like @MsRaye@karlbeckman@agentx5 and many others have been very helpful diagnosing my issues and the issues of many other cable users. The first thing these folks ask for is a copy of your cable signals.


I’m disappointed that my new modem (Hitron E31N2V1) will not allow me to, at the very least, to access my cable signals. That basically makes this forum useless to many internet users who come here seeking the advice of the aforementioned pros. Without cable signals, they can’t troubleshoot properly. 


I use this eMTA as a internet modem only. I could buy one and have access, but that’s pointless since I want to save the money and you offer me this modem as part of my service.


Please reconsider locking “everything” out. Please give us access to the signal page “only” and nothing more. You can’t make changes on a cable signal page.


I’m sharing this feedback constructively. If the Spectrum customer service folks on the forum can share this up line and to the proper people who would consider this change, that would be much appreciated.


Thank you.






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    Oct 04, 2018



    Thanks for the feedback and you bring up a good point.  Currently, this applies only to 400Mbps speeds and above.  The business strategy is ensure customers with 400Mpbs and Gig speeds are getting the correct speeds.  I will ensure that your feedback is sent up to our leadership, and I will update this thread with any new information when it is received.    


    Thanks again! 



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    Oct 04, 2018

    Hi @James_M,


    Thank you.


    I understand that folks changing settings in the modem might harm their speeds. All this customer wants is to have access to the signal page. I also noticed many other Spectrum users on the dslreports Spectrum forum mention the same.


    i appreciate you sharing my recommendation with leadership.


    Thanks again and look forward to a positive update in the future.


    All the best, 



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    I agree with this thread completely.   I recently upgraded to the 400/20 speed  since Spectrum dropped the one time upgrade fee.   Since my old SB6183 modem wasn't capable of giving me consistent speeds at that level I dropped by the Spectrum office and picked up this new Hitron modem.


    Everything went well but one of the first things I do after setting up the modem and my router is make a bookmark to the cable modem's signal levels.  It was just a minor nuisance when Spectrum/Arris disabled the ability to reboot that modem through the pages.   I don't really need to change anything but I do like to be able to monitor the signal if I think I have a problem.   That way I can at least tell Spectrum techs what I'm seeing.  Uncorrectables and poor signal levels can be something as simple as tightening connections or a splitter at my end.   Heck, it was Time Warner/Spectrum techs who told me to check the signal levels in the first place.  


    I did have one connection drop but the modem came back up again.  The only thing I could do was stare at the blue light.  haha     This is akin to choosing cars with gauges all your live then suddenly being forced to drive one that's all idiot lights.  Smiley Happy


    I hope Spectrum can change this behavior by either giving us access or through a modem firmware update.  

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    Oct 04, 2018

    Thanks for adding your feedback, @egk! Hopefully a future update will give us access.


    My Hitron has been up over 2 days now and it’s been solid. Immediately upon install I got full speeds and then it went down. I’m unsure if it was performing a firmware update or what, but since then there have been no issues.

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    Oct 11, 2018

    Please add the support to view the signal levels on this modem.


    I live in an MDU with terrible wiring so it's important to keep an eye on signal levels.

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    Oct 11, 2018

    @scjr I also agree with this suggestion.


    As techs we DO want our customers to be able to see their RF signal power levels.

    Right now the only thing that could be offered is that the customer go buy their own modem. 

    Also the DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM is capable of showing max & min power (dBmV) and MER (dB) readings as well.  Many of the customer owned DOCSIS 3.1 modems can, but the rental/leased Ubee DOCSIS 3.1 modems will not allow it.


    Nothing wrong with those modems from a hardware point of view, just a software issue.


    Would be nice, please consider adding support for self-troubleshooting by asking the manufactures to add & support access to RF signal level readings/status.

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    Oct 11, 2018


    Sounds like your whole MDU needs to have a postwire done...  Sometimes the landlords won't allow for it at first, but if they become convinced it can help/hurt their bottomline financially then they'll usually agree to requests.  Of course those postwire requests have to come in first, from tech appointments.

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    Oct 11, 2018

    @agentx5 wrote:


    Sounds like your whole MDU needs to have a postwire done...  Sometimes the landlords won't allow for it at first, but if they become convinced it can help/hurt their bottomline financially then they'll usually agree to requests.  Of course those postwire requests have to come in first, from tech appointments.


    I barked down that road back in the Insight Communications days (pre TWC) and then when Time Warner took over Insight. I had so many tech's out and tell me "your walls have RG59 them and the only way it will get replaced is if the corporate MDU owners pay to have it rewired" the last time I had a tech out they pretty much said "your better off finding a new place to live then hope that you'll have "perfect" signal levels."   I hover around -9db on the downstream when I had the 16x4 "owned" modem in place it was nasty to look at but always provided solid 100/10 download.  I only swapped to the 3.1 modem from Spectrum to be more in line what is needed for the "Ultra" 400/20 tier. [and I don't want to buy a new modem because face it when I finally do move] - I will likely move to a place that has AT&T Fiber (which is 940/940) and since cable isn't symmetrical sadly Spectrum won't come close to that anytime soon until they decide to do Mid-Split or Node+o type upgrades replacing a lot of field hardware.



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    Oct 12, 2018
    As a customer, I would also ask Charter/Spectrum to reach out to their manufacturers and request that customer-viewable status be restored. I have this Hitron modem, and while it has been very reliable for me, I do like to keep an eye on the stats especially if another member of the household complains that they have an "Internet" issue. It certainly helps rule out the circuit if I see good stats and I know that something might be up with Wi-Fi instead.

    From a big picture perspective, it may actually help reduce truck rolls and support calls, as customers who are savvy enough to read the stats (who are mostly the only people who know about the status pages anyway) and begin diagnosing an issue can avoid making an unnecessary support call or service appointment if the modem statistics don’t indicate a signal problem. And of course, it certainly doesn’t harm anyone who doesn’t know that those status pages are there.
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    Oct 19, 2018

    Not having access to the diagnostics GUI is really annoying, there is nothing in the modem that can be changed... it is a modem not a gateway so why disable the GUI?


    PLEASE enable the GUI in the hitron model.

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    Oct 20, 2018

    Please do the same with the Technicolor version as well, the E31T2V1. I see no harm to just able to see cable signals.

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    Oct 30, 2018

    Hello all,


    Thank you, @scjr, I too have this complaint. I occasionally like to check my signal levels, and when we began having intermittent connectivity issues, I checked our levels to find marginal DS levels. and eonly one locked, extremely high US level.


    I mentioned signal levels (among other things) to the tech, who brought me the new Ubee E31U2V1 eMTA because, "You'll need this if you choose to upgrade your speeds in the future." Of course he never mentioned that I'd be locked out of viewing signal levels in the future!


    Please let the powers that be know that some of us are capable of viewing signal levels and just like to stay informed. I see no reason this info cannot be unlocked for subscriber information.


    Smiley Sad

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    Oct 31, 2018

    Add my name to the list.


    It is disappointing that the GUIs of the D3.1 modems are locked out.

    I have the Ubee, so I can use the published trick to access it, but it’s a pain to do and because a reboot of the eMTA is required, the corr and uncorr counters get reset.  For TV subscribers, you can always go into the diagnostics of the cable box and view the signal info, but some problems only affect certain frequencies and obviously video and data aren’t delivered over the same ones.


    When I had Gig installed, I was hoping for the Technicolor modem, only for the reason I’ve always had excellent luck with Cisco CPE, but I am so happy I have the Ubee.

    I have helped many less technical friends and relatives with their internet and TV problems by going into the diagnostics and confirming that the problems they are having are not cable related, but rather something else like a router issue or bad HDMI cable.  Even did some re-wiring work to remove old line and old splitters that improved signals resulting in less service calls. These are saved truck rolls, saved hours of service calls for issues that aren’t the fault of Charter. 


    Let’s face it, the vast majority of people out there have no clue these pages even exist.  And those of us that do, we can use it to help provide diagnostic information.  These pages are static, there is no user editable information, so I’m not sure what the big deal about locking them down is.  I would love to know the real reason, not some canned line about security or whatever.

    I do understand that these modems are property of Charter Communications and they are free to do whatever they want with them, I get that, I respect that, but at the same time for those of us who understand what these values mean, it can be a tremendous asset.

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    Nov 04, 2018
    Thanks to everyone for providing their feedback.

    Hopefully more folks will post and that Spectrum will eventually allow users to access the cable signals page.
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    Nov 09, 2018

    Add my name. I would like this feature. Also, I picked this up in the store and it has no booklet? Sigh.

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    Nov 12, 2018

    I noticed that too.  A brand new modem in the box and not even an instruction manual telling you what the lights mean.   


    I'd love to hear from someone at Spectrum whether this is going to be addressed or not.   It's irritating when I can't even tell how many channels the modem has bonded too let alone see things like the modem's power signal levels or SNR ratios or uncorrectables.  

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    Nov 13, 2018

    @egk wrote:

    I noticed that too.  A brand new modem in the box and not even an instruction manual telling you what the lights mean.   


    I'd love to hear from someone at Spectrum whether this is going to be addressed or not.   It's irritating when I can't even tell how many channels the modem has bonded too let alone see things like the modem's power signal levels or SNR ratios or uncorrectables.  


    Quick installation guide for the Ubee variant. Has what the lights mean in manual:


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    Nov 19, 2018

    I have Ubee E31U2V1 modem-only.  User is admin.  Password is blank.  Then shows diagnostic info, but nothing can be changed.


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    Nov 21, 2018

    People have been able to access the Ubee modems.  At least some of them.  It's the Hitron modems that are totally blocked.   No one in this thread wants to change anything.  We just want to be able to see the signal levels to troubleshoot any problems.     


    Things like loose connections or faulty splitters are something homeowners can do themselves without having to call techs out.   The problem is we now have no way to see if anything we do has any effect.  

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    Dec 01, 2018

    Add me to the list of people who wants to be able to view the dignostic page for the modem. I suppose it's because Charter doesn't want people having access to things that could lead to people placing more support calls. But the type of people who even know about the modem diagnostics page are likely to be savvy enough to know what the numbers mean and understand acceptable thresholds and tolerances for the displayed parameters.

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    Dec 10, 2018

    i wish someone from Spectrum would give an update on this issue.   

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    Jan 03, 2019

    Add me to the list....

    TW said my line was showing noise, and initiated a ticket to replace the outside wiring and modem.  The old Ubee modem was  showing correctable errors:


    Screenshot from 2019-01-03 12-52-57.png

    ...but seemed to be working fine.

    Wondered how the signal had improved with the new wiring and Hitron modem, but unfortunately the signal stats are not available.  Please allow access to the modem signal status...

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    Jan 07, 2019

    Well, I’ve been experiencing issues with my 400/20. Tech was out here on Jan 1st and spent over two hours replacing 3 modems, troubleshooting WiFi routers, connecting to my laptop—slow download speeds, intermittent internet and modem losing 3.1 bonding.


    It took 2-hours to lock the modem in and it only happened after he went outside and checked for ingress on the line?? The tech didn’t even know why it finally locked in??


    Fast forward to today and same exact issues crop up again. Exact same symptoms I was experiencing before. When I call in, the tech tells me there are uncorrectables. Now they have to send another tech out tomorrow. If I had signal access, may have been able to help on first call and my service could have been fixed on the first call. Very frustrating.

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    Jan 16, 2019

    Sorry to hear about your problems scjr.   It's the kind of thing I was worried about myself.   I've had a lot of line issues over the years.   It made it a lot easier to see what was going on when I could see the signal levels after TW techs told me what to look for.


    It appears this is just another issue that will get ignored on these forums.   No word at all from anyone at Spectrum.

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    Jan 16, 2019

    Hi @egk,


    The 2nd tech was here even longer and replaced the modem an additional 2-times. I kept calling tech support and telling them it had to be something outside. Tech checked and replaced everything at tap outside and once he reconnected, the modem locked in. Sound familiar? 


    Believe me me when I tell you, every type of troubleshooting was done by me and repeated by both techs. After the tech left, I called tech support two more times and told them power outage was in area and maybe something in area was damaged? They escalated.


    That same night, just after midnight, modem went completely offline for 15-20 minutes and once back online, 400/20 was back! Speeds were initially jumping around, so I power down the modem once and it’s been rock solid since. I know in this case, it would have been helpful to have access to signals. The trouble was intermittent, so when techs and tech support were looking at signals at the moment, they were good. If I could have monitored, I could have told them signals were changing.


    Let me just say, techs were doing best they could and they were nice. So no issues there.

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    Jan 16, 2019

    I'm surprised you didn't ask for one of the Ubee modems.   I think they still allow access to the signal levels on those?

  • scjrscjr Posts: 73
    Jan 16, 2019

    They had no Ubee’s on the truck. Just Hitron and the first tech had a Technicolor. Ended up with a Hitron again, which was fine before the issues started. Which we now know wasn’t a modem issue. :-)

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